George was fascinated with reptiles at a very young age. This all started when the school went on a field trip to the zoo and was immediately followed by a book entitled ‘Creepy Crawly Things’ given at the end of the tour.

This fascination became a reality when George’s parents purchased a tarantula at the local pet store. This creature belongs to the arachnid family because of the venomous fangs that are used to kill prey.

The tarantula loves to eat fresh meat. Unlike other spiders that usually eat whatever gets trapped in the web, this one waits in a certain spot and ambushes the prey. The victims are usually insects, other spiders, birds, and amphibians.

Since it is quite difficult to catch these creatures, the best place to get them is from an exotic pet supply shop.

The first thing any owner must provide is a shelter for the pet. The tarantula should be placed in a glass aquarium with some rocks or old wood to make it feel comfortable in its environment. This will cost an average of $40 and is very easy for anyone to set up.

Some jell should also be purchased to give the spider some liquids together with live insects such as crickets or worms as part of its diet. This doesn’t hurt the wallet that much since the tarantula is only fed once a week.

Tarantulas are nocturnal animals so having a small lamp installed will be just right to give it some warmth in its home. The owner should make sure that it doesn’t exceed 30 degrees, which could be too much for the spider to handle.

Even if many Americans prefer to have dogs, cats, or fish as pets, there are many who prefer to have spiders instead. These eight-legged creatures are not noisy compared to other animals, don’t produce any harmful odors from urine or feces, and are easy to maintain.

The price for a tarantula on the market ranges from $20 to $50. This will depend on the type, gender, and age when it was purchased. The exotic pet supply store also carries books on how to take care of this kind of spider.

Deciding to own a tarantula or any other exotic pet is a huge responsibility. It will be a good idea to do some research first and know the dos and don’ts in order to have fun with this creature around.

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