A passionate collector can depict a sense of what makes them who they are by simply surrounding themselves with an animal that display’s the same attributes in the wild.

Wildlife Figurines are being sought after by a large cross-section of society and one has to wonder what makes collecting wildlife figurines such a popular pastime. It could be assumed that people feel a sense of emptiness when they think of how quickly the habitat of the earth’s wildlife is diminishing, or they feel in awe of an animal or bird’s unique presence in the wild. Either way, they feel an attachment and decide to surround themselves with wildlife figurines, art, sculptures, decor, and so on. So if this is the case, then how does one choose the animal? Well, I believe in most cases they don’t, the animal chooses them.

It’s obvious to me that the material used to make a wildlife figurine does not seem to matter as much as the actual animal itself. When people come to our site searching for wildlife figurines, rarely do they search for the form or material along with the animal, and I think it’s because people are what they collect.

Eagles display authority in the air and are seen this way, so a collector of eagle figurines may have a deep sense of gratitude towards authority or be an authoritarian themselves. The eagle is also known as the American eagle in North America and so a collector of American eagle figurines may feel a deep sense of patriotism.

A Dolphin has intellect and some people will see them this way, along with a sense of playfulness and willingness to swim with people. Collectors of dolphin figurines may themselves be playful or easy to get along with or admire intelligence.

Elephants display a strong desire to stay within their groups and have a strong family sense. They also mourn their losses, so a collector of elephant figurines may see family as their biggest priority in life and admire the elephant for doing the same.

The animal kingdom and its constituents display a large variety of characteristics, some unique, some shared, and some beyond civilized human capabilities, yet a collector of wildlife figurines should always be able to connect to something that gives them inspiration, harmony, and a sense of self-purpose.

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